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Who we are was born in May 2004 with the precise goal to become a point of reference for on-line -selling of those wines coming from Val di Cornia and Bolgheri. In order to select our wines, we went personally to visit farms and talked to producers.

We managed to build a sincere relationship and, sometimes, a new friendship was born.

Thanks to our clients'confidence and our passion for oenology of the whole country, we decided to spread our wings outside our territorial limits, still privileging wines with "local"origin, directly reffering to specifications of those productions in Val di Cornia e Bolgheri, and historical issues of those.

Each wine in our wine shop carries a unique label where careful and demanding clients will find technical and organolectic information. We took seriously both critics and valuation of the most important national guides, because they are always a point of reference for both clients and sellers.

Our wines are preserved, as requested, taking care of temperature and humidity and far from sunlight. Particular attention is dedicated to package, in order to preserve the bottles and temperature during the transport. Couriers who carry our products are professional, because our goal is to satisfy our clients completely.

At that point in Italy we'd say "Bando alle ciance" ("Let's make it short").

So.....Let's go and meet our wines! We want to thank you a lot for visiting our site. Receive our best regards and don't forget we are at your complete disposal.