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We are not asking you about a minimum order, even if we suggest to make orders of at least 3 bottles, in order to deaden shipping charges. Quantity you can order varies from 1 to 6, and after that, you can order multiple of 6 ( 12,18,24 and so on...).

Delivery of goods
Nettari Etruschi uses 2 different courier companies: GLS in Italy and EU countries and MAIL BOX ETC for all other destinations. 

Bottles are packed in special shock-proof containers to ensure they arrive safe and sound.

Transportation is covered by insurance against theft, loss and any damage that may be sustained.
Please note that items sent to the United States currently take longer than stated as prevailing procedures necessary to clear customs are causing delays.

 Until 3 bottlesUntil 6 bottlesUntil 9 bottlesUntil 12 bottlesUntil 15 bottlesUntil 24 bottlesUntil 36 bottles
Italy €. 10,00 €. 12,00 €. 13,00 €. 14,00 €. 16,00 €. 19,00 €. 20,00
Germany €. 25,50 €. 33,50 €. 37,00 €. 39,50 €. 41,00 €. 45,00 €. 47,00
France and Austria €. 27,50 €. 35,50 €. 39,00 €. 41,00 €. 44,00 €. 47,00 €. 49,00
Holland, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg €. 27,00 €. 29,00 €. 31,00 €. 33,00 €. 36,50 €. 39,50 €. 44,00
Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and Slovenia €. 29,00 €. 31,50 €. 35,00 €. 37,50 €. 40,00 €. 43,50 €. 47,00
Sweden, Czech Republich, Poland, Greece and Hungary €. 33,00 €. 45,00 €. 48,00 €. 50,00 €. 53,50 €. 61,00 €. 64,00
Finland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria €. 33,00 €. 45,00 €. 49,00 €. 51,00 €. 55,00 €. 63,00 €. 68,00
Denmark €. 33,00 €. 34,50 €. 37,50 €. 39,00 €. 43,00 €. 46,00 €. 49,50
 Until 3 bottlesUntil 6 bottlesUntil 12 bottlesUntil 24 bottles
USA, Canada and Switzerland €. 60,00 €. 100,00 €. 140,00 €. 280,00
Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia e New Zealand €. 75,00 €. 115,00 €. 165,00 €. 310,00
India, Russia, South Africa, Argentine e Brazil €. 100,00 €. 150,00 €. 245,00 €. 425,00
Payment Methods
Payment for items purchased in our online shop can be effected by credit card or bank transfer in advance.

1) Online payment by credit card

Please be assured that all details provided will be used exclusively by Banca Sella to verify the validity of the credit card used and thereafter to authorize, or deny the transaction. 

Banca Sella uses SSL 128 bit encryption to ensure all transactions are secure and our shop cannot, in any circumstances, see, memorize or record any credit card details. 

2) Cash on delivery

Available only in Italy for orders below € 300,00. The payment will be made when the items have been delivered. Cash on delivery payment has an additional fee of € 5,00. 

3) Bank transfer in advance

Orders will be dispatched once payment, which must be effected within 3 WORKING DAYS, has been received. In the meantime, a copy of your bank’s confirmation document should be faxed to +39 055 820510. The order will go out when our bank confirms payment has been received or, at our discretion, upon receipt of the faxed confirmation of payment document. 

Viale Tommaso Corsini, 18 - 50026 San Casciano in Val Di Pesa - FI

Account holder: Carlo Lotti
IBAN  IT33X0200838051000401211477

Delivery times

Delivery times vary according to destination. Please note that goods are only dispatched when payment is credited to our account (bank transfers usually take 2-3 days). 

Right to return

In the event that on receipt of the goods they are found to be broken or tampered with, or if you are not satisfied with the purchase made, you have the right, under Italian law D. Lgs 185/99 to return them. To exercise this right, you must, however advise us of your intention, either by registered letter (with confirmation of receipt), e mail or fax, within 14 working days of taking delivery of the goods. Note that you must, in any event, follow up an email or fax with a registered letter. We will respond by email and the goods you wish to return must be sent to us within 14 days of the date of that email.

How to return goods

Carefully rewrap all goods in their original packaging in order to prevent any (further) damage, tampering or breakage. They should then be sent to: Nettari Etruschi di Carlo Lotti, Via 12, Roma, San Casciano, 50026 V.P. (FI) Tel. 055820510.

Refund payout times 

Nettari Etruschi will refund the full amount paid as quickly as possible and in any event, no later than 14 days of receiving the returned goods.  Refunds will be made by bank transfer (as per the bank coordinates you provide). According to article 5,6 of Italian Law D. Lgs no. 185 of 22/05/1999, the only expenses you will incur regard the cost of returning the goods to us.


Please refer any complaints to Nettari Etruschi di Carlo Lotti, 12, Via Roma, San Casciano, 50026, V.P. (FI) , and / or telephone +39 055 820510 or email our complaints department at :

What to do in the event of breakages

In the event that your package has obviously been tampered with, or its contents broken, you should refuse to take delivery and we will dispatch replacement goods as quickly as possible.  True to our “satisfied or your money back” ethos, Nettari Etruschi undertakes to pay all costs incurred to return, replace, and resend all  damaged goods.

Product guarantee

In the event that the goods are imperfect or not fit for consumption, you are kindly asked to return whatever remains to us so that we can verify this for ourselves.  Should we agree with you, we will send you replacements at no extra charge, but if goods are no longer available, we will refund you in full for your purchases by bank transfer as per the details provided by you in your letter of complaint.